April 20 2008 update

well well it has finally happened

a decision on the move of the streamliner cars……we will be moving to the north track of Yard 5

The turbine is already moved, and the Used book store is already back in position. Now we have to await Max and his time to plan and install the electical connections for the train.

Of course, now that he is working, that may take a month or so. If we move in the meantime we will be forced to run on generator power for a while,  but we have been forced to do that in the past, so it will be ok. Not necessaarily the best thing, but progress is good!

The other advantage to the north track is that is will give us a straight space with pavement for our visitors to use and hopefully make their visit better.

Watch out for Pauline to add photos of the turbine move et al.

 On the other passenger front. the second door got into the CNW 7700 today, and all aligned and ready to go. Next week the car will be brake tested, and then its off to service it goes! 

Mike plans to push forward with testing most of the commuter cars right away, and getting them all in service and “off our plate” of things to do. Then he wants to go back to working the vestibule of the DLW car.

Roger, Bob Mike Prendergast and Mark Hoffman all shared time on Dover today as well, which is nice to see. They got the bedroom lights going again for the season, and worked windows back into place

Shelly got the BLE 25 window just about done, and hope to have it in Marks hands next week to install.

With Nick back in town the bobcat work begins. Julie has given the passenger dept a signal cabinet to store paint, and it got moved into position today about 50 ft east of the barn. Mark will needlechip it (his current favorite pastime) and we will paint it red.

We finished the afternoon by cleaning up some more of the winter mess and improving the barn for the upcoming season.

Mark Gellman spent a chunk of time working the paint on the RDC, getting the purple removed as we want it to go back to CNW livery as soon as we can. Once we get it in line with our streamliner set, we hope to jump in and get it cleaned up for guests.

The AC system in Birmingham moved forward as well. I want to try and get it done before the move, so I have electricity to test each component. so we can focus on other housekeeping issues with the set when we get them in position. We need to purchase one more blower at a cost of $200 to finish so of course donations to the Silver Car Fund would always be appreciated.

Time and energy have been at a premium these past two weeks, so not many photos. I promise to try and get a few more done soon.

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